The Mission Table: Renewing Congregation And Community

The Mission Table: Renewing Congregation And Community Download The+Mission+Table%3A+Renewing+Congregation+And+Community

The Mission Table: Renewing Congregation and Community

In a time of declining mainline Protestant church attendance, Bouman reminds us that the Holy Spirit is still very much at work. It is the mission of our churches to aid God's reconciling and restoring action in the world. This conversation on mission must involve everyone including laypeople, pastors, seminarians, and emerging congregational leaders. Each chapter contains scripture, questions, and activities, allowing for group study, reflection, and action. The goal is ultimately to help every member of the church to live as signs of the God who made the world and who will make all things new.

About the Author
Stephen P. Bouman has served as leader of the domestic mission unit of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America since 2008. Previously, he served as pastor in mission congregations in multicultural and poverty contexts and as a bishop of the church. He has experienced firsthand the kind of Christ-centered, faith-sharing, table-oriented ministry about which he writes in these pages.

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