The Body By Science Question And Answer Book

The Body By Science Question And Answer Book Download The+Body+By+Science+Question+And+Answer+Book

The Body By Science Question and Answer Book

Following publication of BODY BY SCIENCE, the public's interest in Dr. Doug McGuff's and John Little's evidence-based approach to exercise has increased dramatically, with the result that hundreds of questions have been posed and answered at the authors' various seminars, within magazine articles and on their website ( Such question-and-answer sessions provide an opportunity for the authors to expand on key points and principles within their book, as well as address important topics that were not included in BODY BY SCIENCE (such as rehabilitation issues, various training protocols, and long term health and safety issues). THE BODY BY SCIENCE QUESTION-AND-ANSWER BOOK is a companion volume to BODY BY SCIENCE that sheds additional light on the authors' rational, science-based approach to strength training, bodybuilding, and total fitness. Within the pages of this new book you will learn: -Why (and how) strength training is the best way to rehabilitate most common injuries (from rotator cuff issues and knee replacements to lower back pain and arthritis). -Why bodybuilding is not what it seems. -Why athletics may not be the best route to health and fitness -The truth about VO2 Max testing and REAL cardiovascular health....

Download The+Body+By+Science+Question+And+Answer+Book

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