I Wish I Had A Pet

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I Wish I Had a Pet

Smartly dressed mice give sage advice on all elements of proper pet care in this photographic picture book.

Who hasn’t yearned for the perfect pet? The mice in this book—hand-sewn and inhabiting enchanting, diorama-style scenes—know all about critter care, and they’re here to share wise words about choosing and keeping animal companions.

Whimsical images of the mice with their own petite pets, including bumblebees, ladybugs, and butterflies, complement the warm humor of this extraordinary picture book that’s truly like no other!

From Booklist
Do you wish sometimes that you had a pet? Permit me to speak for the children of Earth: Yes! Well, a cast of cute mice is here to give you some advice. First things first—what makes this book stand apart from the pack are Rudy’s squeal-inducing photographs of the quirky dioramas she has created with mouse figurines, miniature props, and backdrops in the form of evocative collages of textbook pages, leaves, stamps, acorns, and more. Each one feels like a single frame from a Rankin-Bass stop-motion animation, and readers will practically die that these play sets aren’t for sale. Anyway, back to the pet advice. The mice urge...

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