Social Media And Politics [2 Volumes]: A New Way To Participate In The Political Process

Social Media And Politics [2 Volumes]: A New Way To Participate In The Political Process Download Social+Media+And+Politics+%5B2+Volumes%5D%3A+A+New+Way+To+Participate+In+The+Political+Process

Social Media and Politics [2 volumes]: A New Way to Participate in the Political Process

This two-volume set explores the various ways social media are profoundly changing politics in America.

• Covers key political and cultural issues in today's discourse―such as gay marriage, race, gender, "big data," and hyper-surveillance―from a variety of perspectives and a broad range of contributors

• Provides informed analysis of social media eruptions and their potential to change and shape political discourse

• Supplies an analysis of power that highlights the forgotten core of politics and political communication

"These studies construct a body of knowledge that painstakingly establishes social media as an influential and now expected part of today's political communications infrastructure, a continually evolving tool that candidates and political organizations need to know how to use effectively and responsibly." - ARBA

"The collection also offers a broad scope of topics and offers readers access and opportunities to consider some major dynamics at the intersection of politics and social media today. What they reveal is a changed and changing political landscape that leaves the public with at least two options: adapt to the changes or be left behind and thus civically excluded. Social Media...

Download Social+Media+And+Politics+%5B2+Volumes%5D%3A+A+New+Way+To+Participate+In+The+Political+Process

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