Acrylicworks 2: Radical Breakthroughs (AcrylicWorks: The Best Of Acrylic Painting)

Acrylicworks 2: Radical Breakthroughs (AcrylicWorks: The Best Of Acrylic Painting) Download Acrylicworks+2%3A+Radical+Breakthroughs+%28AcrylicWorks%3A+The+Best+Of+Acrylic+Painting%29

Acrylicworks 2: Radical Breakthroughs (AcrylicWorks: The Best of Acrylic Painting)

"Acrylics allow me to be fearless." --Rhonda Franks, p88

A showcase of the versatility of the medium and what's being done with it today, AcrylicWorks 2 features stunning paintings from 100+ of today's top artists. Filled with radical techniques, happy accidents and endless possibilities, this 2nd volume of The Best of Acrylic Painting focuses on how artists partner with acrylics for breakthrough discoveries and breakout results.

  • More than 125 paintings from 100+ contemporary artists
  • Artist insights on the whys and hows behind the paintings
  • A thrilling variety of styles and techniques, from intentional approaches to wildly improvisational brushstrokes
  • Diverse subjects, including landscapes, people, still lifes, animals and abstracts
Acrylic paint allows the artist to play with textures, splashes, drippings, various tools and brushes...all the while unhindered by drying time. It offers the ability to work a painting wet or dry, fast or slow, in any number of layers without the need pull oneself out of it. It is that sense of freedom that breeds the kind of experimentation featured in these pages. Artist and art lovers alike will find fresh inspiration in these personal and creative breakthroughs.

"Major breakthroughs come from mastering the mundane while striving...

Download Acrylicworks+2%3A+Radical+Breakthroughs+%28AcrylicWorks%3A+The+Best+Of+Acrylic+Painting%29

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