Master Math: Essential Physics

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Master Math: Essential Physics

MASTER MATH: ESSENTIAL PHYSICS presents, teaches, and explains the fundamental topics of algebra-based physics. It includes engaging, fun examples and applications, as well as challenging practice problems with explanatory answers. Master Math: Essential Physics was written for you, the student, parent, teacher, tutor, or curious thinker. It covers the essentials of high school and college curricula. It can serve as a supplement to your textbook, a handy reference, or a tutor for lifetime learners. Topics encompass motion, force, momentum, Newton's Laws, equilibrium, friction, forces in nature, energy, work, elasticity, harmonic motion, static and moving fluids, heat, temperature, gas, electric fields, electromagnetism, direct and alternating current, waves, sound, radiation, light and optics, and an introduction to relativity, quanta, the atom, dark matter, and dark energy.

Introduction. Including Units. 1. Motion. Average Speed. Instantaneous Speed. Acceleration. Finding Distance Traveled at Constant Acceleration. Acceleration Due to Gravity - No Air Resistance. Acceleration Due to Gravity - With Air Resistance. Vector and Scalar Detour. Velocity vs. Speed. Acceleration Vector. Two-Dimensional Motion - Projectile. Circular Motion. 2. Force, Momentum, and Newton's Laws. Force. Newton's Laws of Motion. Mass and Weight. Applications of Newton's Laws. Linear Momentum. Torque...

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