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Foreword Book of the Year Bronze Medalist

What can you hear when you are completely silent?

Beautifully illustrated and gently written, Silence encourages children to stop, listen, and reflect on their experiences and the world around them. Using qualities of mindfulness, readers are asked to pay attention to what otherwise gets drowned-out in our noisy environment and use those sounds as a means to develop imagination and curiosity, and learn a little more about themselves.

About the Author
Lemniscates is a professional studio of illustration established in Barcelona. With many years of experience behind illustrating books for the most prestigious children books publishers both in Catalonia and abroad, Lemniscates began in 2010 to create its own complete children's books projects. The aim of Lemniscates's books is to stimulate children's talent by creating stories with tenderness and imagination and at the same time stories that deal with real life.

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