The Struggle Continues: 50 Years Of Tyranny In Zimbabwe

The Struggle Continues: 50 Years Of Tyranny In Zimbabwe Download The+Struggle+Continues%3A+50+Years+Of+Tyranny+In+Zimbabwe

The Struggle Continues: 50 Years of Tyranny in Zimbabwe

David Coltart is one of the most prominent political and human rights figures in Zimbabwe. In 2000, he was elected to Parliament and, following the creation of a ‘coalition’ government in September 2008, he was appointed Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture, a position he held until August 2013. Over the years, Coltart has been threatened, detained, spuriously prosecuted and has survived several direct attempts on his life. For three decades, Coltart has kept detailed notes and records of all his work, including a meticulous diary of Cabinet dealings, the source material for much of his book.

About the Author

David Coltart is a Zimbabwean citizen, and is resident in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He has served three terms in Parliament, ending in the Senate.

Download The+Struggle+Continues%3A+50+Years+Of+Tyranny+In+Zimbabwe

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