Brushing Teeth (Healthy Teeth)

Brushing Teeth (Healthy Teeth) Download Brushing+Teeth+%28Healthy+Teeth%29

Brushing Teeth (Healthy Teeth)

In 2005 the USDA unveiled MyPyramid to help Americans make healthier eating choices. MyPyramid, which replaces the old Food Guide Pyramid, stresses the need for individual food plans. So now more than ever, young readers need to learn the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. With easy-to-read text and vivid photographs, these books clearly explain each food group, how each is important for good health, and how to make healthy choices.

About the Author
Mari Schuh is the author of more than 130 nonfiction books for children, covering topics from tomatoes to tornadoes. She has written numerous articles for daily newspapers and has presented at the West Virginia Book Festival. Mari lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Joe, and their house rabbit, Kindle.

Download Brushing+Teeth+%28Healthy+Teeth%29

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