Walt Disney: Drawn From Imagination

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Walt Disney: Drawn from Imagination

Walt Disney is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in American history. What child doesn't grow up watching Disney films and reading Disney stories? With Walt Disney: A Biography for Kids, young readers can learn about the man behind the mouse. They'll learn that Walt came from very humble beginnings, growing up on a farm in Marceline, Missouri. The informative and approachable narrative details Walt's service in World War I, his early ambitions to be an animator, and the creation of Mickey Mouse. From there, the story chronicles Walt's major film developments, including Snow White and Bambi, and the genesis of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Aspiring young animators, Disney fans, and dreamers of all kinds will be inspired by Walt's ambitions and achievements.

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The name Disney conjures up all sorts of things: cartoons, Mickey Mouse, amusement parks. But once, it was simply the last name of a kid growing up on a farm in Missouri, and then in the urban environment of Kansas City. He had to work hard as a kid, but he always drew, too. Lucky enough to be born in an age of...

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