Sent (The Missing: Book 2)

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Sent (The Missing: Book 2)

Jonah and Chip have barely adjusted to the discovery that they are actually the missing children of history when a time purist named JB sends them, along with Katherine and Alex, hurtling back in time to 1483. JB promises that if they can fix history, they can all return to their present-day lives. Now Chip and Alex have to reclaim their true identities—as the king and prince of England. But things get complicated when the four discover that according to the records, the princes were murdered. How can they fix history if it means that Chip and Alex will die? Margaret Peterson Haddix is the author of Found, the bestselling Shadow Children series, Uprising, Running Out of Time, and many more

From School Library Journal
Grade 5–8—This book begins where Found (S & S, 2008) left off: Chip, Jonah, Katherine, and Alex are falling through time. They find themselves in 1483 in the Tower of London where the famously imprisoned princes, Edward and Richard, are fearfully awaiting their fates. As was revealed at the end of Found, Chip and Alex are really Edward and Richard, spirited away to our current century by...

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