Ruby Lu, Star Of The Show

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Ruby Lu, Star of the Show

Ruby Lu returns—in paperback! Can this spunky middle-grader solve her family’s money troubles?

Ruby is starting third grade, and she can’t wait! She’ll get to join fun clubs, learn cursive, and play in the orchestra. But there’s one big change Ruby Lu isn’t expecting: Her father loses his job. Now he’s taking care of her and Oscar while her mother works, and it’s definitely not all fun and games, especially with money so tight. So Ruby, determined and resourceful as ever, sets out to make a million dollars! And though she soon learns that making money isn’t easy, she also discovers that having a loving family is the most valuable thing of all.

From Booklist
When her father loses his job, Ruby Lu�s family must cut back on a number of fronts. Worse, her stay-at-home mother lands a minimum-wage job at the mall, and her father grows grumpy as he fails to find work. Frustrated by the family�s tough times, Ruby finds solace in their dog Elvis, until Elvis� original owner comes to claim him. The cartoon-style sketches add humor to the story�s more difficult aspects. With very few Chinese...

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