Tapping The Power Of Personalized Learning: A Roadmap For School Leaders

Tapping The Power Of Personalized Learning: A Roadmap For School Leaders Download Tapping+The+Power+Of+Personalized+Learning%3A+A+Roadmap+For+School+Leaders

Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning: A Roadmap for School Leaders

In this powerful new book, James Rickabaugh, former superintendent and current director of the Institute for Personalized Learning (IPL), presents the groundbreaking results of the Institute s half-decade of research, development, and practice: a simple but powerful model for personalizing students learning experiences by building their levels of commitment, ownership, and independence.

Tried and rigorously tested in urban, suburban, and rural districts--and in different academic and economic settings--the IPL model has been proven to enhance student engagement and achievement at all levels. Rickabaugh provides principals and other top-level leaders with

* Step-by-step guidance for implementing the model;
* A detailed overview of the research and work behind the model s development;
* A complete introduction to the heart of the model a comprehensive, multi-layered framework centered on the three core components of learner profiles, customized learning paths, and proficiency-based progress;
* Tools and activities for assessing and adjusting the model to meet the specific needs of students and staff;
* Strategies for increasing and reinforcing enthusiasm for the change process among everyone involved, from the classroom to the greater community; and
* An abundance of real-life examples and reflections from students, teachers, principals, and...

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