Fight Your Ticket & Win In California

Fight Your Ticket & Win In California Download Fight+Your+Ticket+%26+Win+In+California

Fight Your Ticket & Win in California

A traffic conviction can add hundreds of dollars to your yearly auto insurance premiums. Fight Your Ticket & Win in California shows you how to handle your case in traffic court, get the right kind of hearing -- and win.

Attorney David Brown provides you with the detailed tactics you need to:

prepare and present your evidence
argue before a judge
cross-examine a police officer's testimony
get your case dismissed
appeal a decision
determine the consequences of your violation

This edition provides the latest legal information for California drivers, including fines and penalties, and contains fully up-to-date information on recently signed legislation regarding cell phone use.

Check out Nolo's list of California products. Not a California resident? Check out Beat Your Ticket.


"Learn how to challenge speeding tickets, how to determine if a ticket is beatable before going to court, how to assemble evidence and present a case, and how to appeal a conviction." Bookwatch
"A clear, thick and comprehensive manual to help the Californian beat what he or she perceives as a bum traffic rap." Sacramento Bee

Download Fight+Your+Ticket+%26+Win+In+California

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