Form Your Own Limited Liability Company (book With CD-Rom)

Form Your Own Limited Liability Company (book With CD-Rom) Download Form+Your+Own+Limited+Liability+Company+%28book+With+CD-Rom%29

Form Your Own Limited Liability Company (book with CD-Rom)

Everything you need to form your own LLC! Limited liability companies provide the most flexible way of doing business: You get both the tax benefits of a partnership, and the personal protection from business debts provided to corporations. Form Your Own Limited Liability Company provides you with the step-by-step instructions and forms you need to form an LLC in your state, without the expense of hiring a lawyer. This bestseller covers how to choose an LLC name, prepare and file articles of organization, decide on the best management structure, create an operating agreement and take care of ongoing legal and tax paperwork. The 5th edition has been carefully revised and updated to reflect the latest federal regulations, as well as the most current laws of all 50 states. All the forms you need are included on a CD-ROM.

In typical straightforward Nolo fashion, this book explains everything from choosing a name to maintaining the LLC's legal and tax status. (Orange County Register 20090101)

Good news from the IRS... you, too, can be an LLC. The advantage: profits are taxed just once, like a partnership, while personal...

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