Studying Your Own School: An Educator's Guide To Practitioner Action Research

Studying Your Own School: An Educator's Guide To Practitioner Action Research Download Studying+Your+Own+School%3A+An+Educator%27s+Guide+To+Practitioner+Action+Research

Studying Your Own School: An Educator's Guide to Practitioner Action Research

Extensively revised, this new edition provides the theoretical underpinnings of practitioner action research as well as the "how-to" information necessary for classroom application.


"A highly accessible and informative book that can be used both with K–12 educators and university graduate students. Provides very useful examples of what action research looks like when carried out in schools."

(Ken Zeichner, Hoefs-Bascom Professor of Teacher Education 2006-08-25)

"This text should be read by all teachers and school leaders who care about empowering students and communities through action research." (Ruth Johnson, Professor, California State University, Los Angeles 2006-09-08)

About the Author

Gary L. Anderson is a professor in the Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University. He is a former teacher and high school principal. He has written numerous articles on action research with co-author Kathryn Herr as well as articles and books on educational policy and leadership. He is the author of Advocacy Leadership: Toward a Post-reform Agenda (Routledge).

Download Studying+Your+Own+School%3A+An+Educator%27s+Guide+To+Practitioner+Action+Research

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