Holocaust Denial And The Law: A Comparative Study

Holocaust Denial And The Law: A Comparative Study Download Holocaust+Denial+And+The+Law%3A+A+Comparative+Study

Holocaust Denial and the Law: A Comparative Study

From 1978-1996 Holocaust denial emerged as a major concern for the liberal democracies of Europe and North America. This period also saw the first prosecutions of Holocaust deniers. But these prosecutions often ran into trouble. Holocaust Denial and the Law relates how courts in four countries (Canada, France, Germany and the United States) resolved the dilemmas posed by Holocaust-denial litigation. It also describes how, in the United States, student editors had to decide whether to run ads denying the Holocaust. The book concludes that a given country's resolution of these dilemmas turns on its specific legal traditions and historical experiences.


"Holocaust Denial and the Law is a very fine and impressive piece of work that deserves a wide audience. The book is very well-written, meticulously researched, and well-organized: it reads like a book, something one can rarely say these days about academic publications. Kahn makes a substantial contribution to the field of Holocaust denial studies with this elegant text about comparative criminal procedure." - Lawrence Douglas, Author of The Memory of Judgment: Making Law and History in the Trials of the Holocaust

"Robert Kahn has written an important...

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