The History Of Brazil (Greenwood Histories Of The Modern Nations (Paperback))

The History Of Brazil (Greenwood Histories Of The Modern Nations (Paperback)) Download The+History+Of+Brazil+%28Greenwood+Histories+Of+The+Modern+Nations+%28Paperback%29%29

The History of Brazil (Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations (Paperback))

Brazil is a vast, complex country with great potential but an uneven history. This concise one-volume history will introduce readers to the history of Brazil from its origins to today. It emphasizes current affairs, including Brazil's return to democracy after more than two decades of military rule, and the economic consequences of adopting free-market policies as part of the creation of the global marketplace. The history of Brazil unfolds in narrative chronological chapters beginning with the Portuguese conquest and continues up to the present day.

From Publishers Weekly
With over 3 million square miles of territory and 4,600 miles of shoreline, Brazil is the fifth largest nation in the world. In this impressively concise history, Levine, the director for the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Miami, provides a short, accessible overview of the country's complicated history and its many social contradictions. Like the other books in the Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations series (The History of Turkey, The History of Germany, etc.), this volume functions as sort of extended encyclopedia entry, which "synthesizes much of the current social literature on Brazil"...

Download The+History+Of+Brazil+%28Greenwood+Histories+Of+The+Modern+Nations+%28Paperback%29%29

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