Narrative Strategies In Television Series

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Narrative Strategies in Television Series

In the context of a systematic overview of the possibilities of applying narratological concepts to a study of TV series, ten case studies are explored in depth, demonstrating how series such as 24, Buffy, Twin Peaks, Star Trek, Blackadder , and Sex and the City make use of innovative audiovisual means of storytelling. Transgressing the traditional confines of narrative theory, the chapter authors address the question of how form, content, and function intersect in these series.

About the Author
ELISABETH BIRK Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Linguistics, Aachen, Germany HANNE BIRK is currently working on a Ph.D. on 'remembering' in contemporary novels by Maori (New Zealand), Aborigine (Australia), and First Nations (Canada) authors STEFAN DEINES Teaching and Research Assistant, Philosophy Department, University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany ESTHER FRITSCH Teacher, University of Wuppertal, Germany SANDRA HEINEN is currently working on a doctoral thesis on authorship in English Romanticism. She has written essays concerned with narrative strategies in film, television, and literature and co-edited Krisen des Verstehens um 1800 (2004) JANINE MATTHEES works as Project Manager at a marketing agency DIRK SCHULZ works for gender Inn, an online database for literature on...

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