The Prince With Related Documents

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The Prince with Related Documents

Second revised edition.

On the 1st edition: "[Connell's Prince] will most likely meet with the favor of scholars and students alike for its precision, fluency, and rich apparatus of notes and documents.  ... [He] renders a real service ... by shedding light ... on the many reasons for its long and controversial success..."  --  Stefano U. Baldassarri, Journal of Italian Translation

On the 1st edition:  "In an age where history is becoming more and more a conceptual derivative, rather than the result of thorough research in archives and libraries, it is always refreshing to see someone placing Old Nick solidly within the framework of his times."  Niccolo Capponi, Journal of Military History

About the Author
William J. Connell, professor of history, holds the Joseph M. and Geraldine C. La Motta Chair in Italian Studies at Seton Hall University, where he was founding director of the Charles and Joan Alberto Italian Studies Institute. He has also taught at Reed College and Rutgers University. A specialist in late medieval and early modern European history, his books include La citta dei crucci: fazioni e clientele in uno stato repubblicano...

Download The+Prince+With+Related+Documents

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