The Art Of Writing About Art

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The Art of Writing About Art

THE ART OF WRITING ABOUT ART serves as a quick reference for students writing various types of essays, research papers, exhibition reviews, and even examinations. The premise of the book is that students in all disciplines, not just English, should be required to write well and that their instructors should hold these writing assignments to high standards. THE ART OF WRITING ABOUT ART not only emphasizes skills in college-level composition, but also in verbalizing the experience of art -- the historical, social, economic, and political forces that shape art and artists; art theory; and the interplay between artist and viewer.

Preface. Introduction. 1. Responding to Art. 2. Principles of Effective Writing. 3. Writing Analytically. 4. Writing the Exhibition Review. 5. Writing Arguments. 6. Writing Research Papers. 7. Writing the Essay Examination.

About the Author
Suzanne Hudson has taught college English for 15 years, including courses in theatre, playwriting, literature, and composition. She has written three college composition textbooks: WRITING ABOUT THEATRE AND DRAMA, THE ART OF WRITING ABOUT ART, and THINKING AND WRITING IN THE HUMANITIES.

Nancy Noonan has taught college art history and humanities...

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