American Public Policy: An Introduction

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American Public Policy: An Introduction

Best-selling AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY: AN INTRODUCTION engages student interest through its unique emphasis on specific, substantive issues of public policy. This text draws students into American public policies by presenting their historical context, prompting students to evaluate and discuss possible alternatives. The discussion kindled by AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY: AN INTRODUCTION helps make public policy personal as students apply their knowledge to real-life policies. This new edition includes updated and expanded coverage on key policy issues: immigration, global climate change, health care reform, gay rights, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The authors present policy material step-by-step, building a picture of the existing policy that students can use to evaluate alternatives.

"The manner in which the authors consistently cover the four main areas of Issue Background, Contemporary Policy, Policy Evaluation, and Future Alternatives makes for a fair assessment of past, present, and future in policy areas."- Richard Riley, Baylor University

"I believe that this may very well be one of the best presentations of subject material for any and all students that are being introduced to the subject."- John Lofton, Arkansas State University

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