The Art Of Math And Science

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The Art of Math and Science

The Art of Math and Science guides teachers to introduce masterpiece art to young children, so they can tell you about “paints with hidden floats” and ask questions like, “When painting the Sistine Chapel, do you think Michelangelo had many headaches?”

This book helps parents and educators look at the subject through the prism of mathematical and scientific experiences. This book acts as a guide to help integrate the subject matters of math, art, social studies, culture, and science.

Readers will embark on a journey, exploring nineteen artists (or art forms) from around the world. Each artist’s work is looked at through the spectrum of math and science so that art is elevated from being “merely art” and integrated with math, science, history, geography and language.

Tambe gives teachers the information to share with those who often misinterpret children's learning as "just playing." Each activity outlines the math, science, social-emotional, and visual arts learning objectives that teachers can discuss with parents and administrators to help them to understand the learning that is taking place with each activity. - SHELLEY GONZALES, Supervisor of Preschool Instructional Support, State Preschools, Santa...

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