Modernize Your Resume (Modernize Your Career)

Modernize Your Resume (Modernize Your Career) Download Modernize+Your+Resume+%28Modernize+Your+Career%29

Modernize Your Resume (Modernize Your Career)

Based on today's real-world job search trends, Modernize Your Resume shows job seekers how to craft a winning resume to meet the complexities of today's highly competitive and technologically driven employment market. Readers will learn to:

* Write tight, lean, clean, and laser-focused content to keep readers engaged.

* Integrate keywords that are vital to being found online.

* Capture attention with a distinctive design.

* Understand how to use today s modern resume for person-to-person job search as well as electronic, digital, and mobile search technologies.

* The 80+ resume samples demonstrate these strategies in action for real-life job seekers who ve excelled in their search campaigns. Clear guidelines and easy-to-follow examples give readers practical know-how for building a powerful resume for today. The resume book we have all been waiting for from resume industry leaders Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark. Rich Feller, Past President, National Career Development Association

About the Author
Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark are credited with creating, professionalizing, and elevating the resume writing industry worldwide. As a professional resume writer for 30+ years, each has written thousands of resumes for jobseekers around the globe. In...

Download Modernize+Your+Resume+%28Modernize+Your+Career%29

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