Fear No Distance: A Journey To Life Without Limits

Fear No Distance: A Journey To Life Without Limits Download Fear+No+Distance%3A+A+Journey+To+Life+Without+Limits

Fear No Distance: A Journey to Life without Limits

During a routine physical in 2004, Danielle Grabol was given an ultimatum: get your act together and lose weight or prepare yourself for a bleak future. Losing her breath while walking up a flight of stairs, Danielle realized that her health was on a downward spiral…and it was time to make a serious lifestyle change.

Danielle’s journey wasn’t easy. After losing nearing 70 pounds via a complete diet overhaul, she discovered her one true passion—riding bikes. While on a training ride in Panama City Beach, Florida, Danielle was hit by a car and broke her leg. Doctors warned her that her multisport days were likely over.

In Fear No Distance Grabol opens up about overcoming her injuries and discovering the world of long-distance triathlon and ultra-cycling racing. Her story is one of incredible grit and determination. From Race Across America to a 281.2-mile double Anvil triathlon, Grabol continued to raise the bar for her racing. Shattering the stereotypes of women in ultra-triathlon, Grabol became the first woman to compete in the EPIC5 triathlon. In five days, she completed five Ironman-distance triathlons, each on a different Hawaiian island.

Fear No Distance is a story of...

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