That Picture Stinks!

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That Picture Stinks!

This book is for anyone who has ever taken a picture and thought, Boy, this isn't exactly how I thought it would look. The problem is not with the camera”it's with you. There are only three things we don't like about our pictures: they're too light or dark; the composition is terrible; they are out of focus or blurry. Result: lousy at worst, boring at best. We know you can do better”much better. This book shows you how to fix all three issues, fast. Think of the billions of pixels no longer groaning at the strain of being made and kept in a huge crummy file no one wants to see. We're not saying we can turn you into Ansel Adams in ninety-six pages, but wait 'til you see how much improvement you can make You had no idea you were this bad, so suck it up, open this book, and get better now.

About the Author
Over the last twenty years, Judy Holmes has taught worldwide for Hasselblad cameras, and has written books and magazine articles. She is represented by AlaskaStock photographic agency in Anchorage. Her passion is bringing people who enjoy taking...

Download That+Picture+Stinks%21

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