Creating The Pet-Friendly Hospital, Animal Shelter, Or Petcare Business (Lecture)

Creating The Pet-Friendly Hospital, Animal Shelter, Or Petcare Business (Lecture) Download Creating+The+Pet-Friendly+Hospital%2C+Animal+Shelter%2C+Or+Petcare+Business+%28Lecture%29

Creating the Pet-Friendly Hospital, Animal Shelter, or Petcare Business (Lecture)

Transform your practice! Creating a "pet-friendly" hospital, shelter or petcare business is a simple, inexpensive path to improved efficiency, increased staff safety, happy pets, and clients who feel a bond with your business. Learn how in this fun and fascinating DVD taken from a half-day seminar given by veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin, author of The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook and Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Cats and Dogs.

Many pets arrive at our hospitals, shelters and at the groomer’s afraid and confused. Careless or unskilled handling of these animals often leads to negative consequences: dog and cat bites and scratches are the top cause of worker compensation claims in veterinary hospitals and shelters; "difficult" pets are time consuming to treat; clients lose confidence in petcare professionals they see struggling to control their pets; and, worst of all, hospital staff may unknowingly send animals away medically improved but behaviorally worse—more fearful of veterinary visits, or even more fearful of people generally. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

This seminar teaches you how to enhance your practice by making dogs and cats...

Download Creating+The+Pet-Friendly+Hospital%2C+Animal+Shelter%2C+Or+Petcare+Business+%28Lecture%29

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