The Healer's Way Companion: Calming Music For Anxiety, Vol. 2

The Healer's Way Companion: Calming Music For Anxiety, Vol. 2 Download The+Healer%27s+Way+Companion%3A+Calming+Music+For+Anxiety%2C+Vol.+2

The Healer's Way Companion: Calming Music for Anxiety, Vol. 2

Now you can add to your healing music repertoire. Stella Benson brings to print the music from her second recording, The Healer s Way Volume II, calming music for anxiety, continuing to offer tried and true music that she has used over the years specifically to bring a temporary reprieve of anxiety to the sick, injured and dying. To help the musician become the best in expressing calming music, Ms. Benson has included a briefing on anxiety disorders, how to measure anxiety, and how to prepare to play calming music. The music in this book has the potential to: 1. Change subjective interpretations which perpetuate a state of apprehension and worry. 2. Eliminate avoidance behavior which allows anxiety to accumulate. 3. Reduce physiological reactivity such as sweat, high pulse, and restlessness. As in all of Stella Benson s books, this healing music book is for all levels of musicians. It can be especially useful for healthcare professionals, volunteers, and anyone with a musician s inclination or desire to play healing music. * For all levels of musicians * Chord designations * Multiple key settings * Healing music features * Calming...

Download The+Healer%27s+Way+Companion%3A+Calming+Music+For+Anxiety%2C+Vol.+2

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