Keepers Of The Garden

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Keepers of the Garden

A young man wanting to explore past-life regression discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All his other existences were on alien worlds and in other dimensions.

As this unique case is explored further, he finds out that his association with extraterrestrials did not cease with these other lives. The interaction with UFOs and aliens has continued during all his present life, although the information was protectively hidden by his subconscious.

This strang case reveals the motives behind present-day involvement between UFOs and humans, and the hopes and expectations of our creators for their garden.

We are the Garden --- The gardeners are extraterrestrials from other worlds

From the Publisher
Sometimes the sheer volume of material is overwhelming. Details will undoubtedly send chills down the spines of other unsuspecting starbeings who have forgotten who they are and why they came. In a sense this book is a wake-up call.

About the Author
Dorlores Cannon is a regression therapist whose home is in Arkansas. She works with abduction cases and with UFO researchers. Her other atmosphere-filled books of "far memory" documentation include Jesus and the Essenes, They Walked with Jesus, and Between...

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