Fretboard Logic III Applications: Creative And Analytical

Fretboard Logic III Applications: Creative And Analytical Download Fretboard+Logic+III+Applications%3A+Creative+And+Analytical

Fretboard Logic III Applications: Creative and Analytical

Applications, Creative and Analytical is the part of Fretboard Logic where music theory is introduced in integrated into the unique characteristics of the instrument. After the necessary foundations are established in Volumes I and II, the guitarist now has the requisite skill set to start to tackle pitch and time relationships, and more importantly, to apply them in real world playing situations. A wide range of subjects are explained and presented in a non-linear format, which allows each player to study what is relevant to his or her needs, without wasting their time on areas in which they have no interest. Fretboard Logic offers a way to navigate the complexities of advanced music concepts without the boredom and frustration usually associated with learning these subjects on a guitar.

What a great book. You continue to exceed all my expectations & are worth every cent. --Allan Barsema

I received your Fretboard Logic SE and book III. I have been playing for 23 yrs and have had trouble along the way with scales and modes. I have had at least 10 different guitar instructors who "tried" to show me. At...

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