Yakimono: 4000 Years Of Japanese Ceramics

Yakimono: 4000 Years Of Japanese Ceramics Download Yakimono%3A+4000+Years+Of+Japanese+Ceramics

Yakimono: 4000 Years of Japanese Ceramics

"Treasures of Japanese Ceramics" celebrates the 120th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Hawa'ii. It presents a wide range of exceptional Japanese ceramic ware from a number of institutions in Japan, representing a broad time span, different aesthetics, and multiple techniques. The earliest objects are two middle Jemon period earthenware (c. 25th-15th century bce). Both show strong sculptural forms and mysterious designs. Yayoi and Haji ware (c. 2nd-4th century ce) demonstrate simpler and more functional designs.Sue ware (c. 6th-8th century ce) are examples of the first Japanese stoneware derived from Korean techniques. Ceramics from the Nara and Heian periods (c. 7th-12th century ce) display early glaze techniques employed by Japanese craftsmen. Objects are included from all six old kiln sites (Tokoname, Seto, Echizen, Tamba, Bizen, and Shigaraki), dated from c. 12th to 15th century ce. Other exceptional examples of Japanese ceramics are from the Momoyama period through contemporary time (c. 16th-20th century ce).

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