Courthouse Research For Family Historians: Your Guide To Genealogical Treasures

Courthouse Research For Family Historians: Your Guide To Genealogical Treasures Download Courthouse+Research+For+Family+Historians%3A+Your+Guide+To+Genealogical+Treasures

Courthouse Research for Family Historians: Your Guide to Genealogical Treasures

Finally--the only guidebook devoted exclusively to research in America's courthouses. Full of essentials starting with preparation, interacting with the clerks, using the indexes, and what to expect to find in each courthoiuse office. But it doesn't stop there. Evaluating the records and using them to solve genealogical problems are included. For those who can't travel to the courthouse personally, use of the Internet, microfilm, and published books of abstracts are discussed.

Tips galore from an author who has researched in more than 500 courthouses.

... In this ... [are] tools for ... understanding all types of courthouse records ... This is an essential guide for courthouse research. -- Jerome C. Anderson II, Editor, The American Genealogist

...THE essential book for researching courthouses ... Rose has distilled her vast knowledge of courthouse records into a comprehensive guide ... -- Kay Germain Ingalls, CG, on cover, Courthouse Research

Christine Rose describes the multifarious resources available ... particularly useful are the specific case studies Rose introduces to illustrate essential lessons... -- John Philip Colletta, Ph.D., on cover, Courthouse Research

Genealogists will want ... this ... on...

Download Courthouse+Research+For+Family+Historians%3A+Your+Guide+To+Genealogical+Treasures

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