God Spoke To Me

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God Spoke to Me

The messages in this book ask us to have total faith in the process of living - to trust God, the universe, spirit, love, or whatever we choose to call the divine source. They affirm that there is an inherent wisdom and intelligence in everything, which can be contacted by turning within. Each one of us can do this and find God's still small voice for ourselves.

About the Author
Eileen Caddy is one of the foremost sensitives and spiritual teachers of our times. Since the day in 1953 when she first heard an inner voice say "Be still and know that I am God," she has not only lived her personal life by that inner guidance, but has also been instrumental in creating the international spiritual community at Findhorn. Eileen realised that her role was to help others turn within and find their own inner direction, and her books reflect this encouragement to us all.

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