Well Women: Healing The Female Body Through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Well Women: Healing The Female Body Through Traditional Chinese Medicine Download Well+Women%3A+Healing+The+Female+Body+Through+Traditional+Chinese+Medicine

Well Women: Healing the Female Body Through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Confronted almost weekly with media coverage of often conflicting medical research findings, women are looking for ways to put this information into perspective. They are also seeking in increasing numbers alternatives to conventional Western medical care. Traditional Chinese medicine has been found to successfully treat many women's health problems, while keeping risks and costs low and preventing adverse side effects. Well Women is the layperson's introduction and guide to the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of the most common gynecological problems occurring from puberty to beyond menopause. It offers numerous case histories of women whose symptoms improved or disappeared after treatment by traditional Chinese medical methods. The book presents a strong body of evidence supporting the use of these treatments as alternatives or accompaniments to conventional surgery and drugs, while providing specific suggestions for preventing illness. Refreshingly upbeat, Well Women encourages the understanding of life changes as healthy events.

Organized to be accessible to the general reader, Well Women is divided into chapters including The Cycle, Eliminating Premenstrual Syndrome, Abnormal Changes, Infections, Pregnancy, Postpartum Disorders, Infertility, Menopause, and Life Extension. Each section provides an overview of...

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