The Pottery Of Zuni Pueblo

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The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo

The potters of Zuni Pueblo, in western New Mexico, are recognized for their superbly functional and aesthetically unique polychrome ceramic vessels. The authors examine fine and rare examples of pots--many of which are from private collections--in terms of forms and designs from the ancient antecedents of Zuni pottery to the contemporary work being produced today. The definitive treatment of the extraordinarily popular Zuni Pueblo's long and complex ceramic tradition, this book sets the gold standard and will be an indispensable reference for researchers, collectors, Native arts enthusiasts, archaeologists, and visitors to the Southwest.

About the Author

Dwight P. Lanmon has written or collaborated on more than a half-dozen landmark publications about Southwest Native American pottery including The Pottery of Zia Pueblo and The Pottery of Santa Ana Pueblo. He has served as the director of the Winterthur Museum and the director and curator of European glass at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Francis H. Harlow's life's work is the study of Pueblo ceramics. A foremost authority on Pueblo pottery, he is the coauthor of numerous books including Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians, 1600-1880 and The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez....

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