The Scientology Handbook

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The Scientology Handbook

Here is something you can actually use day-in and day-out in the practical world of living—tools that enable you to handle a broad scope of situations that we all face in today's world.

Whether it’s raising healthy and happy children, improving your quality of communication with your associates, or having an exact plan on how to achieve your goals in life —The Scientology Handbook gives you proven and effective tools that can immediately be put to use in these areas.

Once you understand the exact barriers in the road to achieving what you want in life, you can take effective action to remedy this. And that is exactly what you get with this book.

The Handbook is so practical that anyone can pick it up, read it and apply it. It is broken down into 19 separate bodies of technology, addressing the most common problems of man, such as:

Education and how to handle illiteracy Relationships and how to maintain a successful marriage Solutions to the everyday problems of the workaday world Keeping children happy, productive and healthy Successful communication with anyone Assists for illness and injuries Overcoming the effects of drugs

Today, the need for real...

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