Fall: The Rape And Murder Of Innocence In A Small Town

Fall: The Rape And Murder Of Innocence In A Small Town Download Fall%3A+The+Rape+And+Murder+Of+Innocence+In+A+Small+Town

Fall: The Rape and Murder of Innocence in a Small Town

On a chilly autumn night in 1973, Casper, Wyoming’s picturesque steel bridge was the scene of a horrific crime. Two young half-sisters, Amy Burridge and Becky Thomson, were abducted, raped, and thrown from the bridge into the swiftly flowing waters 110 feet below. Author and Casper native Ron Franscell was just a child when the crime shattered his close-knit community, brutally ending the life of one friend and neighbor and forever changing the life of another. Unable to shake the demons of that night, Franscell returns 30 years later to examine the widespread effect of evil and its poisonous effect on the people and town of Casper. A gripping, poignant, and intensely personal narrative, Fall also explores the broader issues of survivor guilt, community justice, and crime’s lingering impact on society as a whole.

From Publishers Weekly
Centering on a horrific crime-the 1973 murder of 11-year-old Amy Burridge and the rape and attempted murder of her 18-year-old half sister, Becky, both of whom were thrown from a bridge 110 feet above Wyoming's North Platte River-novelist and newspaperman Franscell's investigation into a town scarred by evil strikes...

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