The Catskills: From Wilderness To Woodstock

The Catskills: From Wilderness To Woodstock Download The+Catskills%3A+From+Wilderness+To+Woodstock

The Catskills: From Wilderness to Woodstock

"The Catskills" tells the story of one of America's most historically rich and romantic regions. Alf Evers evokes the special charm of the Catskills region with explorations of its flora and fauna, legends, superstitions, and natural and unnatural wonders. Packed with illustrations detailing the history of the Catskills from the time of its first settling through the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the Borcht Belt years, the famed Woodstock festival, up to the present, "The Catskills" is a memorable book that does full justice to a vital vein of our American heritage.

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