Words From The Wild: Favorite Columns From A Yankee Notebook

Words From The Wild: Favorite Columns From A Yankee Notebook Download Words+From+The+Wild%3A+Favorite+Columns+From+A+Yankee+Notebook

Words from the Wild: Favorite Columns from A Yankee Notebook

A collection of columns about the wilderness of New England and more from well-known New Hampshire and Vermont naturalist and commentator Willem Lange.


“Heartfelt, but never sentimental; humorous, but always thoughtful; biting, but always kind, Will Lange's essays are as refreshing as a cool autumn morning atop a high peak. He's a master storyteller, on the trail, around the campfire, or with your heels up in a favorite chair sipping tea.” —Dan Szczesny, author of Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie

“It's always a pleasure to hit the trail with the well-traveled and woods-wise Willem Lange, whether the destination is a White Mountains hut, a Maine Wilderness lodge, or a breathtaking backcountry vista. In many ways, Will's outlook mirrors AMC's mission of inspiring people to get outdoors and make a closer connection with the natural world. Windows to the Wild, and the essays in this book, provide the inspiration to explore, enjoy, and care for the region's mountains, waters, forests, and trails.” —Rob Burbank, Director of Media and Public Affairs, Appalachian Mountain Club

“New England is fortunate to have Willem Lange to tell the...
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