Lessons In Truth (Unity Classic Library)

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Lessons in Truth (Unity Classic Library)

First presented as a series of articles in Unity Magazine in 1894-95, Lessons in Truth was published in three paperback volumes in 1896-97. In 1903 the book was published as a single volume by Unity School of Christianity.

Lessons in Truth is a clear, concise representation of New Thought philosophy and metaphysical Christianity. The spiritual concepts presented in these 12 lessons show us how to increase our personal empowerment and enhance our spiritual growth. Dr. Cady teaches that our lives can be transformed by the power of our thoughts, words and beliefs. She encourages us to find our truth as it is written in our own hearts and then apply these truths in every area of our lives.

About the Author
H. Emilie Cady was a true holistic pioneer. Born in 1848, this turn-of-the-century homeopathic physician treated her patients both medically and spiritually. Her approach to healing was simple, clear and rooted in her own experience. Cady's articles appeared in Unity Magazine and Progress magazine. Her writings continue to instruct and inspire seekers of spiritual truth and the Christ-centered life.

Download Lessons+In+Truth+%28Unity+Classic+Library%29

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