The Necessity For Ruins: And Other Topics

The Necessity For Ruins: And Other Topics Download The+Necessity+For+Ruins%3A+And+Other+Topics

The Necessity for Ruins: And Other Topics

Essays examine the way we perceive landscape, the effect of gardens and cities of the past on the landscapes of the present, and the way American architecture has broken with tradition. Discussion relates the importance of space to relativism throughout time.

"In our era of scientific geography it is refreshing to find thought provoking entertainment such as J. B. Jackson offers here in these nine essays. They derived from keen observation and knowledge; they are articulate and discursive. In the course of 30 years of work with Landscape and in his subsequent books, Jackson has emerged as a thoughtful and stimulating geographer able to help students understand space and to challenge his colleagues to reexamine some of their notions about earth-space from startling novel perspectives."―Journal of Historical Geography

"These essays are 'unified' in two ways, by the fact that each deals with some aspect of the 'manmade' landscape in Europe or America and, even more compellingly, by their disclosures of the workings of a single remarkable mind. . . . This is not simply a good book or an entertaining one, it is extraordinary in every sense of the word."―Wilbur...

Download The+Necessity+For+Ruins%3A+And+Other+Topics

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