The Story Of The Wind Children

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The Story of the Wind Children

George is playing with his boats, but there is no wind to make them sail. Then, one of the wind children comes and blows just for him, and together they embark on a great adventure.

The wind child blows dandelions in the meadows, shakes apples from the tree, blows the leaves around, and eventually blows George back home on a cloud.

From the author of The Story of the Root Children and The Story of the Snow Children, here is another classic children's story with beautiful illustrations in the Art Nouveau style.

'Born in East Prussia in 1881, Sibylle von Olfers' highly adept naturalist style places her work firmly in the vein of Beatrix Potter, Kate Greenaway and Elsa Beskow. On publication of "The Story of the Root Children" in 1996, Floris Books in Edinburgh made this classic of European children's literature available in the United Kingdom. It seems fitting that ten years following this they should reaffirm commitment to Olfers prestige in the children's literature world through publication of "The Story of the Wind Children". Autumn and nature are brilliantly personified in this beautifully detailed work' --Jake...

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