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Hard Thinking

Too many college students lack the power to reason and argue effectively. Hard Thinking allows students to rebuild their confidence in the possibility of objective reasoning, by challenging contemporary cliches about the limits of objectivity and the relativity of value judgements. An entertaining, clearly written text for courses in logic, rhetoric, critical thinking, and English composition, Hard Thinking presents dialogues that reproduce commonly used "argument stoppers" (Who are you to think that you know the truth? Isn't it all relative? Isn't it all subjective?), and subjects them to scrutiny. The text teaches students how to avoid the pitfalls of "soft" or sloppy thinking, enabling them to be better readers, better arguers, and more critical consumers of quantitative data.

Mullen effectively combines logic, epistemology, and good old fashioned common sense. The dialogues and examples are telling; the explanations clear and to the point. The book articulates, defends, and exemplifies all the important features of 'hard thinking'. Many texts purport to aid in the teaching of thinking; this one will clearly succeed. (Harvey Siegel, University of Miami)

Not only does Mullen's text challenge students to do some hard thinking, but it explains why they should...

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