Jacob's Choice: Return To Northkill, Book 1 Expanded Edition

Jacob's Choice: Return To Northkill, Book 1 Expanded Edition Download Jacob%27s+Choice%3A+Return+To+Northkill%2C+Book+1+Expanded+Edition

Jacob's Choice: Return to Northkill, Book 1 Expanded Edition

Jacob Hochstetler lives peacefully with his Amish family at the foot of the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. His beliefs are severely tested one night in September 1757, after a raid on the Amish settlement near Northkill Creek leaves his wife, daughter, and a son dead, and their home in ashes. Jacob and two teenage sons are captured and taken to different Lenapi Indian villages, unsure of their fate. After a long, hard winter in the Lenapi village, Jacob makes a harrowing escape downriver and returns home to Northkill, only to find all that he has known and loved are gone. Will Jacob and his sons ever be reunited? Can Jacob find romance, reconciliation, and happiness amidst the ashes of his former home? Expanded edition includes story plus maps, photographs, geneology, and more!


"In this evocative and gripping story, Ervin Stutzman details the love, the loss, and restoration of Jacob as fervently as Jacob pursued his own rebirth from the ashes of a terrible past. All of this occurs within the stunningly depicted confines of Amish life and history."--Sherry Gore"editor of Cooking & Such: Adventures in Plain Living"...

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