Machine Tool And Manufacturing Technology

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Machine Tool And Manufacturing Technology

The book is designed to introduce students in manufacturing in a logical manner. The basic machine tool operations are covered (same as the machine tool courses presently taught in schools). A complete section on CNC programming and operation for teaching-size and standard machines presented in easy-to-understand language. Twelve new manufacturing technologies, directly related to the machine trade, are covered in a brief overview of each, designed to show students the many exciting career opportunities available in manufacturing.

Evolution of Machine Tools. Careers in Manufacturing. Manufacturing Process Planning. Safety. Measurement. Layout Tools and Procedures. Metals and Their Properties. Principles of Metal Cutting. Bench and Hand Tools. Power Saws. Drill Presses.The Engine Lathe. Milling Machines. Grinders. Computer Age Machining. Heat Treating. Manufacturing Technologies. Appendix of Tables. Glossary of Terms. Index.

About the Author
Mario Rapisarda of Norwalk, Connecticut is a multi-media writer and producer whose credits include developing interactive teaching programs as well as being published in two technical textbooks. Mr. Rapisarda's varied teaching experience included the vocational school system of Connecticut, CETA job training programs for the Norwalk Board of Education, and the NTMA (National Tooling and Machining...

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