Conflict: 2nd Edition

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Conflict: 2nd Edition

The contributors to this fully revised volume, a team of international experts with both academic and professional experience in the field, provide a broad range of geographical and disciplinary perspectives. Covering theory, research and practice, they analyze the different types of conflict and offer a thorough examination of the influences on conflict - structural, situational, strategic and cultural. Exploring conflict management and resolution, they also discuss negotiation, mediation, peace-keeping and peace-building.

About the Author
Sandra C. Cheldelin is the Vernon M. and Minnie I. Lynch Professor of Conflict Resolution at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, USA. An expert in organizational conflict, she has worked with more than 150 organizations and has facilitated large-scale interethnic and interfaith community dialogues on topics of fear, terrorism, violence and suspicion. Her international work has taken her to Bosnia, Ukraine, Republic of Georgia, Tajikistan, Israel, and Liberia. Daniel Druckmansplits his time between the Department of Public and International Affairs at George Mason and the University of QueenslandLarissa Fast is at the University of Notre Dame.

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