Fast Facts For The Gerontology Nurse: A Nursing Care Guide In A Nutshell (Fast Facts (Springer))

Fast Facts For The Gerontology Nurse: A Nursing Care Guide In A Nutshell (Fast Facts (Springer)) Download Fast+Facts+For+The+Gerontology+Nurse%3A+A+Nursing+Care+Guide+In+A+Nutshell+%28Fast+Facts+%28Springer%29%29

Fast Facts for the Gerontology Nurse: A Nursing Care Guide in a Nutshell (Fast Facts (Springer))

This convenient and easy-to-use pocket-sized reference provides gerontology nurses with the foundational knowledge they need to provide all aspects of safe, effective care to older patients. It contains crucial evidence-based information that enables nurses to differentiate between normal and abnormal findings, understand the presentation and management of common diseases of the gerontological population, and integrate age-specific considerations into care planning and implementation with older adults. Pervading the resource is a holistic approach in which all facets of the individual: physical and mental health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, self-care, family relationships, and unique risks for this population, are considered.

Designed for daily use, the guide is consistently organized in bullet-point Fast Facts style for easy access to information. Also included are such helpful features as "Clinical Snapshots" and "Fast Facts in a Nutshell" to reinforce content and aid in speedy information retrieval. A resources section guides nurses to additional information on each topic.

Key Features:

  • Presents all aspects of current evidence-based practice in gerontology in user-friendly style
  • Uses a holistic approach that considers all facets of the individual
  • Provides key...
Download Fast+Facts+For+The+Gerontology+Nurse%3A+A+Nursing+Care+Guide+In+A+Nutshell+%28Fast+Facts+%28Springer%29%29

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