Minding The Heart: The Way Of Spiritual Transformation

Minding The Heart: The Way Of Spiritual Transformation Download Minding+The+Heart%3A+The+Way+Of+Spiritual+Transformation

Minding the Heart: The Way of Spiritual Transformation

Understanding spiritual transformation

It is the heart that is the control center of life and through which God works to change us. But how does this growth take place? In Minding the Heart, Robert L Saucy offers insightful instruction on what spiritual transformation is and how to achieve it. He shows how renewing one’s mind through meditation, action, and community can begin the process of change, but ultimately the final change—the change that brings abundant life—can only come through a vital relationship with God. “The renewing of the heart is an inescapable human need,” writes Saucy, “but the solution lies only within the realm of the divine.”

Drawing from inspiring Bible passages as well as select scientific studies, Saucy demonstrates how to make lasting change so Christians can achieve the joys of becoming more like Christ.

“Individuals and congregations will be challenged, helped, and strengthened though careful reflection on the insights found in this splendid volume.”
—David S Dockery, President, Union University

“ The great Puritan divine William Ames defined theology as the science of living in the presence of God. That’s what this book is about: a biblical examination of Christian interiority, what it...

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