Under The Gaze Of The Bible (Perspectives In Continental Philosophy (FUP))

Under The Gaze Of The Bible (Perspectives In Continental Philosophy (FUP)) Download Under+The+Gaze+Of+The+Bible+%28Perspectives+In+Continental+Philosophy+%28FUP%29%29

Under the Gaze of the Bible (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy (FUP))

Chretien's essays on reading sacred scripture are enriched by his immersion in the classics of ancient philosophy and theology, as well as his poetic sensibility. He is as likely to quote Claudel as Aquinas or Origen. His intimate acquaintance with Patristic writings combines with a sympathetic understanding of such Protestant sources as Luther, Calvin, and Barth to yield an admirably ecumenical perspective.

The book's title refers to James 1:23-24, which portrays the Word of God as a mirror into which one gazes. The concomitant notion of not only examining the text but also being examined by the Word is a fruitful one for learning how to be more fully nourished by one's study of the Bible.


In "Under the Gzae of the Bible," Chretien opens up the depth and warming brilliance of the Word by finding how to appropriately address oneself to the Bible as a listener and doer of the word, such as he has learned from Origen, Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal, Kierkeegard, Barth, von Balthsar et al. He shows us how to engage the Divine Word, mind and heart, so as to understand and live...

Download Under+The+Gaze+Of+The+Bible+%28Perspectives+In+Continental+Philosophy+%28FUP%29%29

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