How To Paint Seascapes (Watson-Guptill Artist's Library)

How To Paint Seascapes (Watson-Guptill Artist's Library) Download How+To+Paint+Seascapes+%28Watson-Guptill+Artist%27s+Library%29

How to Paint Seascapes (Watson-Guptill Artist's Library)

This provides a basic guide to painting seascapes. The book begins with an overview of the whole genre and a thorough look at materials for painting in oil and watercolour. The author includes useful information about how to handle colour, light, reflections, composition, and perspective when painting the sea. Step-by-step demonstrations show artists painting seascapes in different stlyes. Francesc Crespo is the author of "How to Paint Flowers".

Language Notes
Text: English (translation)
Original Language: Spanish

Download How+To+Paint+Seascapes+%28Watson-Guptill+Artist%27s+Library%29

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